Chau Ram County Park

Chau Ram has been called one of the areas “Best Kept Secret.” And they may be right! Located at the confluence of the Chauga River and Ramsey Creek, the 40’ Chau Ram Falls sets the stage for the beautiful rock and water scenes that occur throughout the Park. There are more waterfalls down river and a suspension bridge—the longest in the county, gives access to both sides of the river and to clear paths that lead both up and down.

There are 4 major sets of rapids within the park that can be easily accessed for kayaking, canoeing and tubing (bring your own tube) and a kayak slalom course is available for instruction or competition use. There are no lifeguards, so all water adventures are at your own risk. Fishing the rivers is also a great favorite with visitors.

There are 4 picnic shelters that lend beauty and serenity to any family and friends gathering. And for the little ones, there are swings and playground equipment to keep them occupied. The campsites are located in amongst tall trees that provide both shade and beauty. There are 28 sites, power and water, a dump station and a bathhouse.


1220 Chau Ram Park Rd
Westminister, SC 29693
(864) 888-1488