Falls at Todd Creek Tributary

Only 10 minutes from Downtown Clemson, the Falls at Todd Creek Tributary offers a beautiful escape on a short .6 mile out and back hike.  These falls are located inside a portion of the Clemson Experimental Forest. 

Driving Directions: 

1.  From Clemson, take SC 133 for 5.2 miles to Brookbend Road (RIGHT).

2.  Follow Brookbend Road until you see a red Clemson Experimental Forest gate on your right. If you reach the bridge on Brookbend Road you’ve gone too far. Try not to block the gate as you park.

Hiking Directions: 

  • Follow the trail from the gate and continue walking through the small meadow.
  • Depending upon the season, the trail in the meadow may be overgrown by natural grasses. Walk along the left side of the meadow. You can  look across the meadow’s left side and see the trail cutting through the forest.
  •   After the meadow, the trail forks. Take the right fork.
  • Stay on path until it severely narrows at an abrupt right. You will hear the waterfall on your left.
  •  If you cross a creek, you have gone 50 feet too far.


After your hike, drive further down Brookbend Road and park at the small gravel lot located next the road’s only bridge and take another short hike to Todd Creek Falls, another falls inside the Experimental Forest.