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1. Memorial Stadium

Aside from fireworks, balloons, and the vibrant color orange around the stadium, Memorial Stadium is a place where you can experience what it is like to be a part of the Clemson family. Fans gather from different parts of the world to cheer for their favorite team.

2. Table Rock-Bald Rock

Table Rock State Park is beautiful itself, but the view you get when you reach the top of the mountain is the best. It may be a 3.6 mile uphill hike, but the view is rewarding and worth the effort.

3. The Mountain Views on Lake Keowee

Mountain views can be seen at almost any angle in the lake. Not only do you get the beautiful, but you also get to take a dip in the refreshing lake!

4. Wigington Overlook

Along Wigington Road is a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains that is certain to take your breath away!

5. Waldrop Stone Fall

Only a 20 minute hike, Waldrop Stone Falls is easily accessible and great to visit for a day.

posted 9/5/2017