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Stop in to try our gourmet meal replacement shakes, healthy energy drinks, fat burning shots, pre/post-workout, iced coffees and more! 

-17-24 Grams of Protein
-150-250 Calories
-Low Carb
-Low Fat
-Low Sugar
MEGA TEAS——->>>>
-45 calories.
-No Sugar.
-Green, Black, and Oolong Tea for ENERGY and metabolism boost.
-Ginseng and Guarana for Focus and Mental Alertness.
-Loaded with Vitamin C, B6, And B 12.
-Aloe for digestion and absorption .
-Collagen for healthy hair, skin, nails & to reduce appearance of cellulite.

Are you looking for BETTER RESULTS?———>>>>
~ it is stimulant free -so it  can be taken anytime of day.
- donut hole & other flavors
- curbs your appetite
- targets mid section belly fat
- delicious!  

there are 6g of carbs in our mega teas (only 2g if you do them without liftoff or 4g if you do them with liftoff but no collagen).

The shakes are 15g net carbs...each one is a complete meal with all the nutrients you need for a healthy, low calorie meal! Each shake has 17-24g protein and less than 9g natural sugars!

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